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Vacation homes should be all about fun, but unfortunately, they’re not always fun to insure!  As you may discover, some insurance carriers do not want to provide coverage for unoccupied houses, house owned in a corporate name, or rental properties. However, if you need to insure your vacation home, you’ve come to the right place.

As you know, the Cashiers area is a popular vacation destination, so it’s no surprise that many of our clients have vacation homes, second homes, and vacation rental properties. Over the years, we’ve partnered with nationally recognized companies, and can provide vacation home insurance protection at competitive rates—even if your home has a wood shake roof.

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Insurance for Second Homes in Cashiers

Cashiers Insurance Agency understands the needs of homeowners in Western North Carolina, especially those with a primary residence elsewhere. For second homes in NC, we can present options for:

  • Vacation home insurance
  • Insurance for rental property
  • Vacant home insurance
  • Unoccupied house insurance
  • Landlord insurance
  • Second home insurance

Cashiers Insurance Agency, a member of Correll Insurance Group, will work with you to help you understand underwriting criteria and take necessary steps to attain the most desirable vacation home insurance rates. We can even find plans that cover wood shake roofs, a popular design in Western North Carolina which can often be challenging to insure.

Competitive Insurance Rates for Second Homes

Generally speaking, insurance rates for unoccupied homes are higher than for those occupied year-round, simply because the risk of theft or catastrophic fire is higher during periods when unoccupied. However, if your vacation home is vacant or unoccupied at certain times during the year, you may save money on your vacation home insurance premium by installing an alarm system, a fire alarm, or a water-leak detection and shut-off alarm.

We also recommend to follow a few precautions to minimize your chance of having a theft or vandalism claim at your vacation home property:

  • Use effective, functional window latches and locks
  • Install light timers
  • Replace fire and carbon dioxide alarm batteries on a regular basis
  • Ask someone who lives nearby to check on the house at least once a week
  • Hire a weekly lawn maintenance service
  • Turn off the pilot light for any gas fireplaces
  • Unplug all portable heaters and appliances

If you’re purchasing a second home, remember vacation home insurance rates are more affordable for newer homes that comply with the latest building codes and for homes located in low-crime neighborhoods. Some insurers may offer better rates to vacation homes located in gated communities.

Home Insurance for Vacation Rental Homes

If you’re renting your vacation house, you may have additional liability and property exposures. The liability insurance from your primary home policy may not extend to protect your vacation home. Tell us about what types of activities might take place at your rental property, so we can recommend the correct protection. It’s a good idea to include a waiver of liability in your rental agreement. You should also adopt a proactive system of managing keys and/or access codes. 

Whatever your vacation home or second home insurance needs, Cashiers Insurance Agency can help! As a Trusted Choice® independent agency, we have relationships with many of the nation’s leading vacation home insurance carriers, so you can count on us to give you an objective assessment of your vacation home risks, insurance options, and rates.

Cashiers Insurance Agency is a member of Correll Insurance Group, which offers vacation home insurance for all of the Carolinas. Contact our Cashiers office today to find a broad, affordable insurance plan for your vacation home.

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Cashiers Insurance Agency has been a source for all of our insurance needs, both business and personal, for more than twenty years. They consistently strive to provide not just the best coverage and rates, but superior service as well. When you deal with CIA, it's like you're dealing with family!

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Cashiers Insurance Agency is a member of Correll Insurance Group and works to bring you coverage that best fits your needs. Visit our corporate site to learn more.

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